Generation of electricity in a smart home. Water turbine. [F50–80V]

Igor Mullin
3 min readOct 20, 2021

Today we will touch upon the issue of generating electricity in a smart home. Yes, that’s right. We will generate electricity.

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I’m just trying this topic and the goal is to get electricity in places where it doesn’t exist yet. For example, under the bathroom. When they were doing repairs, there was no thought that it would be nice to make an outlet under the bathroom. For example, hydro massage would require power. This is sad and therefore today, when I was going to do the backlight of the bathroom screen, the question arose where to get electricity. There is an option with a 12V battery from an uninterruptible power supply. But it also needs to be charged, and this is not very convenient. I just accidentally found a generator to work with water.

Below are the characteristics, not sure if they can be trusted:

DC: 0~80V output, the generator has no voltage regulator, the peak voltage reaches 80V.
Output voltage: 80V (1.2MPa)
Output current: ≥ 220mA (12V)
Line resistance: 10.5 ± 0.5 Ω
Insulation resistance: 10 mOhm Seal
pressure at the outlet: 0.6MP
Output opening pressure: 1.2 MPa
Starting water pressure: 0.05 MPa
Output characteristics: it does not contain a voltage regulator circuit, the output voltage is proportional to the water pressure.
There are more charts:

Let’s take apart the “turbine” and see what’s inside. Unscrew the screws.☺

Inside, everything is very simple:

Impeller with magnet inside

The case is hermetic, there is a bearing.

The cover of the electrical part and the winding, and the diode bridge

Later I will assemble a schematic and check the turbine in various operating modes. I will put it on cold water after the water tap. I do not know how this plastic will behave with hot water, and I am also not ready to leave the generator under pressure. According to Murphy’s law, everything will happen and be sure when I am at the maximum distance from home.

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